Girls Make Beats® 

Girls Make Beats Virtual Program Registration

Learn how to make beats and the fundamentals of music theory with our 10-hour course using Soundtrap.

For girls ages 5-17

Includes access to masterclasses, workshops, and more.

 Scholarships are available for those who qualify.


Winter: Dec. 20 - Dec. 29, 2021 (T, W, Th)

Deadline to Register for Winter: November 30, 2021

Spring 1: March 21 - March 25, 2022 (M-F)

Deadline to Register for Spring 1: March 4, 2022

Spring 2: April 11- April 15, 2022 (M-F)

Deadline to Register for Spring 2: April 1, 2022

(Must have a computer/device with a reliable wifi connection, webcam and Zoom.)

Do you have access to a reliable Wi-Fi connection?
Is parent/guardian willing to sign a media release form?
What courses are you interested in?
Additional Musical Skills/Talents
Do you play any instruments?
Household income: (To be filled out by parent)
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