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GMB presents "You Glow Girl" : Sparkle

Girls Make Beats Spotlight: Sparkle

Meet the young girl whose name lives up to her vibrant personality, DJ Sparkle. I had the chance to sit down with this multi-hyphenate artist whose confidence, charisma, and charm could spark a flame in anyone’s heart. At only eleven years old, Sparkle has transformed her passion into purpose, using her art to not only spread joy but also awareness about serious current events. From her old school playlist to major upcoming releases to Girls Make Beats’ impact, learn about all things Sparkle in our interview below!

Kaiya Nyasha (KN): Tell me about yourself, who are you?

Sparkle: Hello there, my name is Sparkle I am a multi-threat recording artist from Los Angeles California. I rap, sing, dance, act, model, and I'm learning how to produce Beats with Miss Tiff and Girls Make Beats!

KN: You’re not even a double, a triple, you’re an everything threat!

Sparkle: Oh yeah!

KN: What inspires you?

Sparkle: What inspires me is definitely other people's music, just music in general, like, different types of music. My family inspires me and then the things that are around me-- that's what inspires me to write my songs. The things that are happening in the world right now.

KN: Who’s an artist you’ve been vibing to recently?

Sparkle: I love old school songs! I'm always listening to Biggie or Tupac or Snoop. All the OG’s.

KN: The OG’s, classic hip hop! I love that! So, I wanna get into the tea. I wanna know if you have any new or upcoming projects??

Sparkle: I actually just released a huge music video for my song “Hands Up” which is out on my YouTube. I also released a visual for my other song that I made for Black Lives Matter called “Amerikkka” for the movement. Soon, I'll be releasing another song called “Stop, Pose” and that will be out on all streaming platforms once we get that out and then I'm also working on a summer EP!

KN: Busy, busy, busy right into 2021! You don't stop and I love that you are socially conscious and you were just talking about that-- you're inspired with what goes on in the world and that’s so beautiful to see, especially being so young but aware. That's really great and giving hope to a lot of people.


KN: I want to move to Girls Make Beats impact on what seems to be a very adventurous musical journey for you.

Sparkle: I love Girls Make Beats so much! Not only because I was learning how to make beats and produce my own music, which is what I wanted to do, but also because it was just all girls and you know, the music industry’s already male-dominated so it was super amazing seeing other girls who want to become DJs and producers and engineers. That was just such an amazing feeling, and Miss Tiff was just such an amazing teacher and I loved the way that she taught us because she was always there and told us exactly what to do in detail and I love that so much. I just love Girls Make Beats.

KN: What words of advice would you give to other girls reading?

Sparkle: Never give up on your dreams. I know a lot of people say this, but they never explain what they mean by that. What I mean by that is don’t give up because there are people that will try to tear you down and tell you what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right. But it’s not their dream, it’s yours so you gotta chase after it. You gotta do what you think will get you there, you gotta work hard, you gotta stay on your grind. You just can’t give up and you just gotta keep going and going and going.

What a beautiful message and takeaway from such a talented, intelligent, and driven young lady-- and again, only eleven years old! If you’re looking for a way for a young girl in your life to get involved in this program, click here. Have her join in this sisterhood with DJ Sparkle and many other talented girls like her!

To sign off, I will reiterate a wise word from our featured GMB Spotlight. Your dream belongs to you, no one else. It’s up to you to do all you can to achieve it and whatever you do, never give up.

Written by: Kaiya Nyasha

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