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GMB DJ The Premiere Of New Disney Film "Spin"

Girls Make Beats was invited to DJ for the premiere of Disney's new film "Spin" on August 13th.

These princesses didn't show up in tiaras or glass slippers, they sported headphones and fresh kicks! 🎧 👟Our girls had a blast DJing the premiere of @disney's new movie Spin.

They had the chance to meet Disney Spin star Avantika Vandanapu on the red carpet. The girls even had a conversation with Avantika, co-star Michael Bishop, and director Manjari Makijany on Episode 10 of the Girls Make Beats podcast!

Spin follows the adventures of 15-year-old Rhea Kumar, an Indian American teen who discovers her passion for creating DJ mixes that blend the rich textures of her South Asian culture and the world around her. Her life revolves around her eclectic group of friends, Molly, Watson, and Ginger, her after-school coding club, her family’s Indian restaurant, and her tight-knit, multi-generational family. Rhea discovers that she has a natural gift for creating beats and producing music, but must find the courage to follow her true inner talent.

Much like Rhea, we must all find the courage to follow our truths. Here at Girls Make Beats we encourage our girls to do just that. We are so proud of the steps our girls have taken to expand the female presence of DJs, producers, and engineers. Click here to learn more about our program and mission to spin the narrative.

For more find us on IG : @girlsmakebeats

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