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How Can I Become a Music Producer?

You might be drawn to music production because you love music and already sing or play an instrument. This is a great start! But you’ll also need specific knowledge about the mechanics of how to make music. A successful music producer has a broad knowledge of song construction and production, audio equipment and how audio engineers make recordings. You’ll also need to learn the legal and business aspects of the recording industry, especially copyrights and contracts. Consider your own likes and dislikes. Are you familiar with different styles of music? Do you like working with creative people? Are you organized and good at getting projects done on time?

It’s helpful to have a music degree for this career, but even more important will be gaining hands on experience and training in the recording industry. Many music producers start off as sound engineers but there are many different roads to working your way up. No matter what turns your path may take, make yourself essential. You’ll probably work in a number of different roles throughout your music career. Work with experienced professionals in sound production, connect with as many people as you can, develop projects and be versatile!

At Girls Make Beats, we’re inspiring the next generation of female music industry professionals by offering seminars, summer camps, industry panels and networking events for girls ages 5 - 17. Our goal is to provide positive outlets where girls can unite, collaborate and learn. ​Find out about our programs here. Please consider a donation, and help spread the word about the work we’re doing to empower girls who want to make music their lives.

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